The Final Days: I’m Still Alive

A text-based survival game.

You just started to enjoy your vacations away from anything and anyone. Out of nowhere people start dying. Still the biggest problem is… some of them came back…
What are they? Who are they? What’s really happening? That’s for you to find out. Can you survive long enough to uncover the secrets behind the chaos?

I’m Still Alive is the first chapter of the story of a normal survivor(you) in the middle of total chaos.
Your choices will define who you are and sometimes who lives… or dies… including yourself.

Game has 4 different endings based on your choices.

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP or higher.
    • Processor: Anything that uses electricity.
    • Graphics: A toaster
    • Storage: 150 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • Additional Notes: Runs on a potato with cables.